Child Custody Law

Most family law issues can benefit from the collaborative family law process, including child custody law and visitation.

When you and your spouse had decided on a separation, one of the first things that may come to your mind is how to protect the best interests of your children. At Best4All, we understand that child custody law can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, an important aspect of our collaborative family law process is that, in conjunction with your legal team, you and your spouse can determine together what is best for everyone.

Child Custody Law

Our professionals are knowledgeable about child custody law, and with your legal team, you and your spouse will make an agreement to act quickly to resolve issues in order to promote a caring, loving and involved relationship between the children and both parents. This key factor protects the dignity and long-term interests of all family members and helps you move forward quickly with your life.

The ultimate goal of the collaborative family law approach is to lead both participants to a resolution that offers a healthy, hopeful perspective for the future. For many, the collaborative approach is a welcome alternative to the often destructive, uncomfortable and lengthy aspects of traditional litigation. Couples that have decided to separate or divorce are able to create solutions that best reflect the needs of their family.

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Reasons the Collaborative Approach is Best for Everyone Involved

10 reasons to choose collaborative

We know the process can feel intimidating and stressful. We're here to help you get started.

Most family law issues can benefit from the CFL process, including child custody law and visitation, spousal and child support, property and the family home, and changes to existing arrangements.

At Best4All, we believe you should have the opportunity to maintain the integrity of your family even though you do not wish to remain married. Contact us today for more information about the collaborative family law process in relation to child custody law.

Common Questions About Child Custody

Going through a divorce, child custody law and how it will affect your family is probably one of your main concerns. We want you to feel confident moving forward with this part of your separation, so we have compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about child custody law below.

Why is collaborative family law a good option?

Because you keep your divorce outside of the court and work collaboratively with your spouse, you can come up with a plan that represents what would be best for your entire family. To make this work, you and your spouse have to agree to cooperate.

How long does it take to come up with a child custody plan?

If you opt for the collaborative family law process, how long it takes to develop and finalize a child custody plan is really up to you and your spouse.

How can I preserve my children's best interests?

On top of going the collaborative family law route, listen to your children’s desires. Even if they are younger, listening to them and helping them cope is one of the best things you can do.

What if I am unhappy with an existing child custody plan?

You may be able to revise your child custody plan with the help of our legal, family, and financial professionals. Make sure you are ready to alter this plan permanently, however, if you decide to proceed.

Can I receive other assistance besides just legal help?

Yes! Not only do we have legal professionals who can help with your child custody case, but we also have financial and family professionals available to help you navigate this time in your life.


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