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Our collaborative approach is different from what you may find at other law firms, and we truly want what is best for all.

If you and your spouse are considering separation and/or divorce, you may have been looking at local law firms, wondering where to get the best advice. Do you need to speak to a lawyer right away? What about a family counselor? How will divorce impact your finances?

Law Firms

Rather than wondering whether law firms will take your unique case, only to find that you cannot find a peaceful resolution, you may wish to learn more about the collaborative approach we apply at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region. With your team of legal, family and financial professionals, you can achieve an amicable separation and divorce agreement without going to court.

Our collaborative family law approach is geared towards helping individuals in Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario develop a divorce agreement that includes all of the important issues, such as finances and parenting time, in a neutral environment. Not only are family lawyers a part of your team to represent you, but family and financial professionals are also available to develop an agreement that is truly best for all.

It’s key to the collaborative process that your separation and divorce proceedings do not go to court. Individuals committed to this concept will be asked to sign a Participation Agreement stating their intentions to participate fully with your team. This unique approach to separation and divorce is different from many of the traditional options that law firms provide and can be an ideal way to de-escalate conflict and find resolutions that everyone wants and deserves.

Reach out today if you are going through a separation or divorce and you would like to make sure you reach a resolution that is best for all.

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