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We offer collaborative family law services that keep you from the high stress of a court battle.

Finding yourself in a legal situation, be it a child custody, separation or divorce, has an emotional component that can make it difficult to reach an agreement that is fair and balanced. It can be further exacerbated by the financial aspects of going to court to resolve your domestic law case. Best4All Collaborative Professionals understand that most people would much rather reach an amicable resolution than spend thousands on a court battle. A win-win is almost always preferable, especially when children are involved.

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The collaborative process encompasses legal, family, and financial professionals who are highly qualified and experienced at working together to find the best solution for your family. Our approach resolves issues and gives you a higher chance to de-escalate conflict. Our team approach provides a better result for all parties, in part because everyone agrees at the beginning not to go to court for their domestic law case. That decision in itself reduces the pressure, anxiety, and emotional challenges that make settling a case costlier and more stressful.

If you are ready to look for solutions that will meet the interests of both parties in your domestic law case and focus on the future, give one of our members a call to learn more about services in the Waterloo, Ontario area. With legal, financial and family professionals who have received specialized training in collaborative practice in domestic law, you’ll find your issues are settled in a more efficient, cooperative manner. After all, coming out the other side of a dispute with your sanity and keeping some money in your bank account is a win you and your family deserve.

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