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Our professionals take a neutral approach to domestic law cases.

Domestic law cases can be difficult to resolve since they usually involve the people you are closest to. If you and your spouse are thinking about separating or getting a divorce, you should know that establishing the best outcome for your family does not have to mean going to court. Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional negotiation and litigation process? At Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region, we recommend looking further into our collaborative process.

Domestic Law in Cambridge, Ontario

Our domestic law professionals in Cambridge, Ontario include lawyers, financial experts, and family counsellors. Each party is committed to discovering the best outcome for your family during the divorce or separation process. You will have a lawyer who looks out for your best interests, but the rest of our team will work diligently on coming up with the best outcome for your individual situation.

For domestic law situations, many families prefer our collaborative approach because every family member involved can express their needs and desired outcomes in a neutral, safe environment. From a practical standpoint, this can save time and reduce court costs. From an emotional standpoint, this process can alleviate some of the stress and minimize the conflict often associated with separation and divorce.

We want what is best for your entire family, and we are eager to tell you more about what our collaborative approach entails. To discuss our process in further detail or set up a consultation, contact us today at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region.

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