What Couples That Choose Collaborative Family Law Need to Commit To

Collaborative family law gives divorcing partners an opportunity to successfully and respectfully resolve their disputes outside of the court system. Our legal, family, and financial professionals at Best4All provide support and guidance throughout the process to help each party come to a resolution that benefits the family as a whole.

Collaborative family law is often less expensive

If you choose collaborative family law for your divorce, we ask that you and your spouse commit to the following:

  • Being respectful, especially during discussions regarding child custody, property division, and spousal support
  • Coming to an agreement that is mutually beneficial
  • Sharing information openly, fully disclosing details, and communicating honestly
  • Creating solutions that put certain priorities into consideration (e.g. making decisions based on your children’s needs)
  • Remembering you and your spouse’s needs require equal consideration
  • Listening objectively to all sides

What does the collaborative family law process look like? While this differs for every family, it usually begins by meeting with our legal, family, and financial professionals to discuss your situation and needs. From there, you and your spouse will participate in a series of structured meetings that feature open communication. Our team-based approach allows you to resolve any disputes and agree to terms involving legal, child, and financial matters.

Collaborative family law is often less expensive and time-consuming than going to court, and it can help you remain on good terms with your spouse once the divorce is finalized. We are happy to provide additional information, so please contact us today.