The Three Key Ingredients of Collaborative Family Law

If you and your spouse are looking for ways to make your divorce agreement go more smoothly, you may be looking for alternatives to the court system. It may also be important to you to finalize your divorce as quickly as possible, while also achieving a fair and reasonable agreement. At Best4All, we use the collaborative family law process to achieve all of these things for our clients. As you are paired with legal, financial, and family professionals, you’ll quickly see that collaborative law has three key (and beneficial) ingredients:

Collaborative Family Law

  1. Efficiency – Divorce proceedings can notoriously be long and drawn out, especially when two people cannot reach an agreement. With collaborative family law, the goal is to reach an equitable agreement efficiently and make sure both parties maintain their dignity throughout. Practically every divorce agreement using this approach takes less time than standard divorce proceedings.
  2. Balance – An important aspect of the collaborative family law process is achieving a fair and balanced arrangement that both parties agree to. In this setting, you will both be able to discuss those items that are most important to you and receive expert advice from your team to help reach the best possible outcomes.
  3. Court-Free – For many people who are considering divorce, going to court becomes a sensitive topic. Not only might one feel that there is stigma about settling your divorce in court, but the costs can also be a financial challenge. With collaborative family law, the need to go to court is eliminated, saving individuals time and money.

If you have questions about collaborative family law or you would like to be paired with a collaborative team, reach out to us today. We look forward to helping you achieve what is Best4All.