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Minimize conflict during your divorce with a collaborative approach.

Divorce can bring on sudden, tumultuous changes that impact nearly every aspect of your life, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Even though you are flooded with emotion, you still want the best outcome possible for your family. Consider the collaborative family law process for your upcoming divorce and partner with our legal, family, and financial professionals at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region to minimize conflict, reduce stress, and enhance the outcome for your entire family.

Collaborative Family Law in Waterloo, Ontario

What is collaborative family law? The hallmark of this approach is each participant’s willingness to collaboratively resolve divorce-related issues, like dividing marital property, coming up with a parenting time plan, and determining the feasibility and need for post-divorce maintenance. Both spouses receive separate counsel from their lawyers, but they meet in a neutral setting to work towards a complete negotiation on their terms.

The ultimate goal of the collaborative family law process is an agreeable resolution. The collaborative approach differs from other dispute resolution methods, like mediation and arbitration, in that there is no neutral third party present. When it comes to solidifying a divorce settlement, the only people involved are you, your spouse, and your respective lawyers. This is beneficial because it keeps your divorce out of court and allows you to resolve issues on your timeline.

Our client-focused processes help you and your spouse reach a fair, balanced agreement when you move forward with divorce in Waterloo, Ontario. We would be happy to tell you more, so contact us today.

Collaborative Family Law