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If you are wondering, “What is collaborative law?”, we have the answers you seek.

At Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region, we employ a collaborative law approach to divorce law and family law situations in the Cambridge, Ontario area. If you are unfamiliar with what collaborative law is, our team of trained experts with specialized skills and information is happy to explain and advise you whether this is an ideal approach for your situation. When you contact us with the question, “What is collaborative law?”, we take the time to fully explain how it works and what your responsibilities will be to aid in a favourable outcome.

What Is Collaborative Law? in Cambridge, Ontario

In a nutshell, collaborative law involves working with legal, financial, and family professionals to help you manage the emotional, financial, and legal aspects of your separation, divorce, or other family law case so that you can avoid the added financial and emotional burden of court litigation. Our process is best for all when such issues of privacy, prompt resolution, and financial and emotional savings are involved.

Much like working with a mediation professional, all parties must agree to the collaborative law approach and be open to resolving matters with communication rather than conflict. Our approach is different than mediation in that you’ll each have your own legal representation. There are other similarities and differences which we are happy to discuss in depth should you wish to schedule an appointment to learn more about what collaborative law is. If you are wondering if our approach would be a beneficial alternative to traditional litigation in your situation, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your spouse and then reach out to us to see if we’d be a good fit for your needs.

What Is Collaborative Law?
What is Collaborative Law? in Waterloo, ON