Using a Separation Agreement as a Unique Tool

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Separation Agreement

Many people think of a separation as the precursor to divorce. While that may or may not always be true, one important document that can help couples determine what comes next is a separation agreement outlining the needs and wants of both parties. In fact, a separation agreement can be a unique tool that not only provides guidance during a separation, but also leads the way to an uncontested divorce for separated couples.

So, how can one utilize a separation agreement most effectively? To start, seeking legal advice will be the best method of action. Even better, using collaborative family law can be an effective mode of developing a separation agreement that is best for all.

When talking with your team of professionals about a separation agreement, you may find that you can outline those items that are most important to you. For example, you can set up the way in which you’d like to operate separate households, confirm arrangements for child decision-making responsibility, and even provide guidelines for your finances. By doing this in your separation agreement, should you and your spouse determine you would like to proceed with a divorce, you will already have the basic guidelines prepared. Your team of legal, family, and financial professionals can then draft your divorce agreements based on the living situation you have already agreed to and are living by during your separation.

In this way, a separation agreement is a unique tool that can help you make important decisions early on and ensure that your uncontested divorce is a success. Using the collaborative family law process is also ideal for achieving the outcomes that are best for all. Contact us today at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region to learn more about how we can help you throughout the process.