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Divorce lawyers are part of the collaborative team, as well as other professionals who can guide you to the best solutions.

Are you looking for divorce lawyers because you and your spouse have decided to separate? Are you worried about the legal, financial, and family stress this may involve? It is never an easy decision to go through a separation and divorce, and it is important that you know you have options when you are looking for divorce lawyers to help with your case.

Divorce Lawyers

When you want to do something that is best for all, you may find that the collaborative approach to separation and divorce offers a different solution than standard court proceedings. With your collaborative team made up of legal, financial, and family professionals, you and your spouse can find a peaceful resolution without going to court. There are divorce lawyers on your team, as well as other professionals who can guide you to the best solutions in Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario.

What makes the collaborative approach so different from typical divorce proceedings is that all parties are asked to sign a participation agreement, which states that a peaceful resolution will be found without going to court. This allows you and your spouse to talk through the issues surrounding your separation and divorce while avoiding the stress and the cost that may otherwise play a role.

If you have questions about collaborative family law, or if you want to explore your options before reaching out directly to divorce lawyers, reach out to our members at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region today. We are truly committed to helping you achieve a resolution that is best for all.

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