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We can help you collaboratively develop a separation agreement with your spouse.

Before you and your spouse divorce, you will likely go through a period of separation. Although you can make arrangements on your own, at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region, we recommend devising an official separation agreement. A separation agreement is essentially a document that outlines all the issues you and your spouse need to work through before finalizing your divorce, such as property division; child support and visitation guidelines; and post-divorce maintenance.

Separation Agreement in Waterloo, Ontario

Although you may assume you and your spouse can write up a quick document by yourselves and call it your separation agreement, this is not always the best approach. Our legal, family, and financial professionals will work with you to make sure all facets of your separation are covered. We will also make sure you use the right language to prevent loopholes.

You may have heard that a separation agreement is not mandatory. While this is true, putting together a separation agreement can reduce the stress, hassle, and emotional drain of separation and your divorce early on in the process. Our collaborative approach minimizes conflict and helps you and your spouse work together to create an agreement that puts the best interests of your family first.

We believe a collaborative approach is the best approach for your separation, and we can help you devise a separation agreement in Waterloo, Ontario that benefits you, your spouse, and your children. Contact us now to learn more about our approach and how we can help you manage the many facets of the separation and divorce process.

Separation Agreement