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Many of the common questions related to decision-making responsibility (previously or colloquially referred to as “child custody”) in Waterloo can be answered with the collaborative family law process.

Decision-Making Responsibility Law in Waterloo, Ontario
Even if you and your spouse have determined that divorce is the best route for your whole family, knowing your rights and your options with the law of decision-making responsibility (“child custody”) can become a burden. How will you determine a decision-making responsibility plan that works for everyone?

One alternative that many families find helpful is the collaborative family law approach. By sitting down with a team of family, legal, and financial professionals, concerns related to decision-making responsibility law can be decoded so that solutions can be achieved that are best for everyone involved. Not only can you and your spouse determine what is best for each member of your family, but you can also avoid going to court and the emotional toll this avenue often takes on family members.

Many of the common questions related to decision-making responsibility law can be answered with the collaborative family law process, including visitation, child support, the family home, and any changes to existing arrangements. Additional benefits of the collaborative approach are reduced legal fees and reduction in stress as both parties reach a mutual agreement.

The collaborative family law process is unique in that it can often lead to the most beneficial outcomes without the stressors typically associated with separation and divorce. Furthermore, it can give everyone a say in the best solutions when it comes to decision-making responsibility law arrangements in Waterloo, Ontario.

If you have questions about the collaborative process and you want to make sure your divorce results in what is best for all parties, contact us today at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region to schedule a consultation. We will be with you at every step.

Decision-Making Responsibility Law
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