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Our divorce lawyers and the rest of the team can help you put divorce behind you.

Let’s face it– there is often a lot of pain involved when a marriage is ending. Those emotions can make it challenging to come out the other side of divorce without even more pain and anger because each spouse is trying to strike back at the other rather than work toward an amicable resolution. The scars of a nasty divorce can resonate in your life forever. At Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region, we offer an alternative to the traditional methods of resolving family law issues through adversarial negotiation and the courts. Our goal is to resolve issues related to separation and divorce in a non-adversarial manner without going to court in Waterloo, Ontario.

Divorce Lawyers in Kitchener, Ontario

By working with our family professionals, financial professionals, and divorce lawyers who have received specialized training in collaborative family law, you can gain benefits that you are unlikely to experience in an adversarial process. First of all, by taking a court battle off the table, both parties enjoy lower tension and will be more open to a team approach to find a resolution that suits both. Our process fosters and encourages cooperative negotiations, which makes for a more pleasant process.

Another benefit is that legal costs are minimized. Heading in and out of court with divorce lawyers in hand gets very expensive. When that happens, the only ones left with money at the end are the legal professionals. We want to see you resolve your divorce and move forward without an empty bank account.

When you shift from a process of both spouses trying to get everything they can, to looking for as many settlement options as possible so that everyone’s interests are met, you truly do both win in the end. Contact one of our members today to learn more about how a collaborative team can help you put divorce behind you without the usual scars of a stressful split.

Divorce Lawyers
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