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Decision-Making Responsibility (“Child Custody”), Kitchener, ON

We can help you navigate the intricacies and processes associated with decision-making responsibility (“child custody”) law.

Decision-Making Responsibility in Kitchener, Ontario
After deciding to separate or divorce, one of the first issues that may come to your mind is how to protect your children’s best interests. Our professionals at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region understand that the implications and intricacies of decision-making responsibility (previously or colloquially known as “custody”) can be overwhelming, but fortunately, our collaborative family law process allows you and your spouse to come to an agreement that focuses on what is best for everyone.

Our family and legal professionals can provide advice and guidance related to decision-making responsibility (“custody”) law, so you and your spouse can make active, efficient decisions to resolve issues. As a result, you can continue to maintain a caring, loving, and involved relationship with your children and get started with the new life you want to create in your home.

The main purpose of our collaborative family law process is to help you and your spouse move toward a future that benefits you and your children. For many couples, our approach is a beneficial alternative to the costly, time-consuming, and damaging litigation process. Please note that most divorce-related issues involving children can benefit from our unique process, and we can help you with all aspects associated with decision-making responsibility (“custody”) law, including spousal and child support, visitation, property and the family home, and more.

We are here to help you make the best decisions possible for your family in Kitchener, Ontario as you move towards separation or divorce. For further information about the collaborative family law process and why it is beneficial, contact us at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region today.

Decision-Making Responsibility
Decision-Making Responsibility in Waterloo, ON