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Our collaborative law group provides a welcome alternative to litigation related to decision-making responsibility (previously known as “child custody law.”)

When it comes to lessening the emotional burden to children, as well as the parents, it is important to resolve decision-making responsibility in a prompt manner. That begins with having someone who can best advise you about decision-making responsibility and aid you in a collaborative fashion that, at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region, we believe is a welcome alternative to the lengthy, traumatic, and costly process of traditional litigation.

Decision-Making Responsibility Law in Cambridge, Ontario

Our Collaborative Practice Group is an association of individual practitioners who are committed to a team approach. The decision-making responsibility team (which is unique to each family depending on the team members selected by the parties) includes lawyers, family professionals, and financial professionals. The goal is to reach an agreement that is in accordance with family law that is the best outcome for the long-term interests of all family members. By handling decision-making responsibility law cases in this manner, the focus can remain on what is best for the children and providing them with the loving and caring environment that is your priority as a parent.

In addition to assisting families in the Cambridge, Ontario area with the intricacies of decision-making responsibility law, we can also assist you with visitation, spouse support, child support, and other aspects involved in your separation or divorce. We can also assist you if you have an agreement in place that needs to be revised due to a change in circumstances.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our collaborative family law process as it pertains to decision-making responsibility cases.

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