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You will receive sound legal advice from our team of family, financial and legal professionals during a separation or divorce in Waterloo.

Legal Advice in Waterloo, Ontario
Seeking legal advice may be your first plan of action when you and your spouse are considering separation or divorce in Waterloo, Ontario. As your list of questions grows longer, knowing who you can turn to for the best guidance will be an important part of the process. How will you achieve the outcomes that are best for all?

With the collaborative family law process, you may be surprised that achieving what is best for all isn’t so far out of reach. Working with a team of family, legal, and financial professionals, you can get sound legal advice that helps you and your spouse determine the best course of action during a separation or divorce. The collaborative law process can not only save you time and undue stress, but it can also help you avoid the extensive costs associated with going to court to settle your divorce.

When you work with us at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region, you and your lawyers will be asked to sign a Participation Agreement that states you won’t go to court and that you will take a collaborative approach to your divorce settlement. This method is ideal for addressing each of the most important topics, such as division of property and housing arrangements.

If you have questions about the collaborative family law approach or would like legal advice related to your separation or divorce, make a call to us to see how we can help you achieve what is best for all. Our experienced professionals are equipped to assist you every step of the way.

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