Offering Court-Free Divorce Solutions that are Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region


Why Choose Us?

Court-free divorce tends to be quicker than the traditional litigation process.

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Choosing a court-free divorce is the best way to reduce stress, control outcomes, and truly achieve what is Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region . Please contact us today to learn more. We are ready to assist you and your family.
Collaborative Practice of Waterloo Region
We truly want what is Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region when your family needs divorce solutions. With the collaborative family law process, you can avoid the costs associated with going to court and will see many more benefits from this process. 
The collaborative family law process allows you to work with a team of legal, financial, and family professionals who can provide guidance on all relevant divorce topics, including child custody, financial independence, and the actual divorce process.
It will save you money on both court and legal fees.
Avoid missing work because of designated court appearances.
Court-free divorce tends to be quicker
Save on legal fees
Benefits of court-free divorce
Avoid the re-negotiation of court-mandated divorce orders.
Divorce lawyer
Your divorce records are kept private.
Privacy in divorce procedures