Your First Meeting with a Family Law Lawyer: What You Should Ask

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Working with a family law lawyer during the divorce process can make things feel very final, so you may be overcome with emotion and unsure of what questions to ask your lawyer before the consultation ends. As a collaborative law practice, we have put together a few questions you should ask your family law lawyer during that first meeting, so you feel confident and calm moving forward.

Family Law Lawyer

  • What is the difference between traditional divorce litigation, mediation, and the collaborative process?
  • How do you choose between each of these resolution processes? Which is the best for my situation?
  • How much will you be involved during the negotiation process? Do my spouse and I ever meet independently, and are proceedings different when parenting and financial decisions are involved?
  • What other family and financial professionals should we get involved? What do these professionals offer, and what do they add to the divorce process?
  • How do you address conflicting positions between me and my spouse, especially on issues that are important to each of us?
  • If negotiations/discussions become hostile, how do you approach the situation?
  • How long will the collaborative law process take in regard to my personal situation?

Your family law lawyer should be able to answer these questions thoroughly and completely and provide any additional information you request. If you would like to set up a consultation with us at Collaborative Divorce Waterloo Region to discuss how our legal, family, and financial professionals can help with your divorce, contact us today.