What to Expect from Your Family Law Lawyer

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Your family law lawyer is one of the professionals who will work directly with you throughout the collaborative family law process. As your advocate and source of legal information, there are several things your family law lawyer should and will do for you as you move towards finalizing your divorce.

collaborative family law process

When you initially retain counsel from your family law lawyer, they should explain the options available to you, discuss the strategy, and provide a timeline for important events. Expect your lawyer to answer your questions thoroughly and promptly return your phone calls.

Throughout the collaborative process, your family law lawyer will represent you and your interests. Their role is to mediate each settlement meeting in conjunction with the lawyer your spouse hires. Although the cornerstone of the collaborative family law process is coming to an agreement that is best for everyone, your lawyer is there to ensure the agreement considers your priorities and needs.

Your lawyer is required to keep sensitive information confidential, so do not refrain from sharing details with them that could impact the collaborative process. You should also not hesitate to reach out to them when you have questions or concerns, as their role is to provide information, guidance, and reassurance.

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