What is Collaborative Law? Is It Right for My Family?

While many people enter into a marriage contract and truly intend to stay with their partner forever, the reality is that there are many circumstances that can cause a marriage to end. What many people don’t know, however, is that there are options when trying to settle issues associated with divorce that provide alternatives to the traditional hiring of divorce lawyers and going to court.

What is Collaborative Law?

What is Collaborative Law?

One such alternative is collaborative law. If you haven’t heard of this, you may be wondering, “What is collaborative law, and how can it work for me?

The Benefits of Collaborative Law

Collaborative law offers numerous advantages for families during a divorce, including reduced costs, the ability to settle out of court, and a neutral environment in which to discuss important topics, such as child custody. With a team of collaborative law professionals, spouses can determine a mutually beneficial agreement during their divorce while avoiding some of the hassles and stress associated with going to court.

Is Collaborative Law Right for My Family?

Once you’ve gotten past the initial question of “What is collaborative law?”, the next question might be whether it is a good fit for your family’s needs. At Best4All, we often find that the answer is “yes” for many families. Not only can both adults openly discuss their thoughts and feelings about the divorce proceedings, but the collaborative law team is also made of up legal, family, and financial professionals who can guide the discussion for the best outcomes. Even child custody matters can be handled civilly and with the child’s best interests in mind.

If you and your spouse are struggling with the effects of a divorce, reach out to our members at Best4All to learn more about the collaborative law process.