Pre-Planning with a Separation Agreement

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When you are planning to separate from your spouse, you may find yourself wondering whether you’ll be able to reach an amicable agreement about all of the various details involved with splitting your home. Before you make any decisions, you may want to know that with a separation agreement you can pre-plan for many of the items that will eventually become part of your divorce settlement.

Separation Agreement
In fact, a separation agreement is an ideal way to discuss topics with your spouse that are important to you both and set the groundwork for a divorce agreement that is mutually beneficial. For example, a separation agreement may already have provisions for division of property, child visitation and decision-making responsibility arrangements, the splitting of finances, and determining household ownership.

Going through any type of separation with your spouse will be difficult, but a separation agreement can often alleviate some of the burdens associated with this new change, as well as set you up for success going forward. One way you can achieve a more acceptable separation agreement is by working with a collaborative law team made up of legal, family and financial professionals.

With collaborative law, you can openly discuss topics with your spouse that are important to you, receive quality feedback from professionals in the field, and know that you will reach a mutual understanding about what is best for all. You will also have laid the foundation for a more successful divorce, so that everyone achieves their goals.

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