Make Sure You are Mentally and Emotionally Prepared for Divorce Mediation

The more prepared you are for your upcoming divorce mediation, the more likely it is to be a success. This includes gathering important, relevant documentation, like financial records, marriage certificates, any relevant court filings, etc. It also includes preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for a naturally challenging and emotional event. With preparation and the goal of a positive and respectful divorce mediation in mind, it is often possible to avoid the unproductive tension that may arise otherwise.

Accepting that divorce mediation is a challenging event is important

Here are some things you can do to prepare for your divorce mediation:

  • Remove blame from your thoughts: Think about how you can express what you need and how you feel without placing blame for the situation.
  • Imagine possible triggers: By thinking about things that might be said or memories that may surface and making a conscious decision to not let them upset you, you may be able to avoid unproductive outbursts in the moment.
  • Focus on productive topics: Think about what you want and need out of the mediation.
  • Self-care: Before and after your divorce mediation, plan some self-care activities. This might include going to a favorite place, treating yourself to a spa day, or anything else that helps you stay in a positive mind frame.

Accepting that divorce mediation is a challenging event is important. You can also opt to have private meetings with your mediator first, giving you a safe opportunity to express yourself without the fear of judgement or backlash. Having a team of legal, family and financial professionals available can also help make a divorce mediation more productive and amicable.