Child Custody Disputes: Finding Resolutions that Work

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As a parent, the last thing you want to do is involve your children in a dispute when you and your spouse have decided to divorce. While both parents likely want what is best for their children, it can often be difficult to determine what is best for the individuals and the family, while limiting the amount of discord experienced by everyone.

Child Custody Disputes

The truth is that every divorce is a little bit different, and the cost of child custody goes far beyond the dollars and cents associated with a divorce. According to Statistics Canada, approximately 1.2 million separated or divorced couples in Canada have children 18 years or younger in their household. Even more importantly, only about 1/3 of parents jointly decided on child custody issues as part of their divorce proceedings.

It’s widely known that divorce takes a mental, emotional, and physical toll on children, with the effects of divorce being both short and long-term. The child custody arrangement between parents can have a big impact on how a child views a divorce, as well as their ability to cope with their changing household over time.

One unique solution for settling child custody disputes between divorcing parents is the collaborative law process, which allows adults to sit with a team of lawyers and family and financial professionals. Together with their collaborative team, parents can determine a written child custody agreement that is beneficial for both parents and children in many cases. This process can also help parents avoid the cost, stigma, and negativity associated with settling child custody issues in court.

If you and your spouse are looking for ways to manage your child custody arrangements as part of a divorce, reach out to us to learn more about the collaborative law process. We look forward to helping you reach an agreement that is best for all.