After Signing a Separation Agreement, Follow These Guidelines for Success

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Signing a separation agreement allows you to legally separate from your spouse, providing time to decide if divorce is the best next step to take. Although you are not divorced yet, separation still poses a new set of challenges that you may or may not have prepared for before you signed the separation agreement. To help you navigate this new life stage, we recommend the following:

Signing a separation agreement

  • Treat your spouse as a business partner—Be courteous to your spouse and answer their calls, emails, and text messages respectfully. Commit to communicating important information, especially when your children are involved, and no matter how tempting, do not bad mouth your spouse to others.
  • Continue with your lifestyle—If, for example, you previously handled the family finances, continue to do so until you and your spouse come to a formal agreement about money. You and your spouse should also refrain from spending significant amounts of money without the consent of the other and put off any moves or major life changes.
  • Discuss options for the divorce—Whether you have made a resolute decision to divorce or you are still unsure, you and your spouse both need to discuss your options. Familiarize yourself with mediation and collaborative options, as these can often minimize conflict and keep your divorce outside of the court system.
  • Seek professional help—Even separation can create emotional challenges, and you should seek support from family, friends, and mental health professionals. Our team of legal, family, and financial professionals is also available to help you navigate the changes of separation and divorce.